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Chironex Fleckeri

by Douaumont

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entomb, i am trapped my revival, in equilibrium footprints mark my path a guide to me but not my way i scour over internal signs of divergence from what has bound me to the side of one unmoving as if in stasis i've remained throughout my constant fear i've given to you all my priceless intertwinement and hours i've believed when all I faced was lies years have passed but I refuse to grow blind with time churn, a cauldron under burning fuel a new flame ignites just as one is extinguished blackened from the soot and tainted in function coal fuses into my words retaliation is inherent when my defense is but reduced to lifeless dust And all my trust never to prove it's lasting use the sewer of veins boil and stain my only use to create and unloose a purpose of pain the view of my roots evolve, i am trapped my reprisal, an equilibrium between planes of time a guide to me but not my way i rationalize there is a path to salvage but danger inspires the worst persona to the surface desires of grandeur lead to selfish dispositions crawling away from the root truths defining our stance distance brought unto us the splitting of a wilted yew this antiquated battle shall not be won
float, bubbling unto the surface evolve, motion untethered is centered within earth so vile, i am my own pyre the venom in my tongue confesses the patterns it holds with blood and bile, my mission to defile spitting the curses to mold a defense for miles unfounded and unbridled the womb of ire blur coalesce in fear i've deceived without meaning the tides of doubt at blame i've decided an excuse was clear enthralled with severance and the premise that the entrance to the inner vault is sealed a passage bright but unknown to the mind candles show reflection of a flicker a seething prize reverie in solace construed itself into an ego a kind of victim wrought with self demise
Monarda 04:26
bloom or burn, who decides the serpent's course? prove to me, i am no waste hearken to this orchard before you the world slaves chose their bonds before all i seek is enough to provide you with all i am my remaining strength will force the walls to crumble scattering the fragments of my "soul" to all sitting in wait to outstretch their hand for pride baffled with conception left behind the price of existence inclined with a buried head or fists in your eyes common visions, like conduit that leads into the center diverging from me following with them is promised an uneasy home i will waste you before you force my hand pride behind inclined eyes leads me home
stains on the fabrics time interweaving blurring our paths obvious is the present ominous, the future bends obelisk, grasping the clouds building this monumental fantasy uncontrolled amounts wings melt in the sun the monument has built itself a lapse in judgement could mean the end a null and blind prophecy they all will sing with fervor for me no guide to follow, a burden when every single word falls under a scrutiny any one of which can bring to ruin a tower of work so spotless in construct helpless and adrift in a sea of fabrication we have no control for who we hold ourselves to standard for we are this construct obvious is unpresent ominous, all perspectives bend obelisk, reaching or rubble this monumental fantasy has never built itself wings melt in the sun but only if it is reached a lapse in judgement seems my only feat
Bicephalic 04:38
wandering is effortless a fresh interloper always on queue follow in litany without discretion and see what becomes of your mission for freedom absent and unwavering you stand opposed when it is union you preach do you expect me to lock my fingers and suffer silently? before i take a step transparency understand my reluctance actions can expunge empathy but prowess cannot be denied the infernal coil of this process is where we belong i am unpresent this feeds my petty frailty a fault in need of repair seemingly you see in me the same a reason for defeat on me rests your rightful blame why repudiate mine? trenches and machines, for beginnings not ends ghosts of our movements still hang over head history repeats itself but never unchanged from birth to dust all you can trust is the canopy you made we must never hold in silence our woes or joys a micro-analytic look at yourself shows a common pattern with no inbetween hand in hand our power awoke battered by a changing world we spoke our truths our youth has only provided time to form an understanding of what's left behind see this through
ache from stagnation septic mindset a contusion of ego conjoined by a silent knowledge a final recognition of self captivating worth over deprecation struggle for proof ears and eyes solace and madness it seems leads me astray from the purpose I once set for myself honor is never easy to maintain where there's a gap attention appears to flock rabid without any use this kennel is a planet but the ecosystem and its contents misalign in place ache from stagnation septic mindset dispising oneself over silent knowledge recognition of a melting exile dripping with mistakes but ever to continue directionless in advancement towards a contusion of ego
i find a sense of contrivity in what follows the storm the wind that swept my feathers was but calligraphy untrue i am a moth to you i rationalize there is a path to salvage but danger inspires the worst persona to the surface over and under the archways vines entangle the stonework the passing of time encourages growth why stray from nature? when the source of pestilence is inside yourself let your architecture be encased with life experience so wise a simple moth can grow when nothing left aside can devour from inside the severance sublime was the only loss of mine cries to the deaf shower all with uncertainty always untainted the freedom of autonomy a window to every life through which we see ourselves comparison to world is pain in high fidelity compromised position on morality spread with no more acuity than a common stone unveils the stale persona an effigy of one do not be the one i find a sense of sickness in what follows the storm the wind that swept my feathers was but calligraphy untrue never to be a moth to you
these untethered words i leave you with will never be the last i am no longer trapped by internal signs of divergence with my roots exposed my purpose still clear candles now reflecting the entrance to the inner vault expunged inclination of pride while swallowed by the price of existence in another's hands while a lapse in judgement still means the end i control a sea of fabrication this my final step transparency i have given everything i have to pursuits in independence i have no claim to prowess but beneath this canopy is where we belong history is made with delicate aggression follow your own inhibitions for a final recognition of self captivate your worth over depreciation mistakes seep through our plaster but in stagnation ever aches our will to strive for growth stretching towards the sky these untethered words I leave you with will never be the last we are no longer trapped


-Lossless renders of Douaumont's full length debut, Chironex Fleckeri
-Digital Booklet containing hi-res cover arts, liner notes, promotional images, and lyric spreads

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An INTERVIEW with Occultblackmetalzine ::

"Through their debut album the two-piece use Chironex Fleckeri, as an exercise in overcoming personal-challenges, subvert instrument roles, and break open their own heads, resulting in the collapsing of expectations and genre-boundaries."
-Order ov the Black Arts

"An excellent album of Technical Death Metal with some Black Metal touches."
-Blessed Alter Zine

"Black metal, a bit doomy with a pinch of a post metal"
-Mosh Pit Radio


Douaumont's debut, Chironex Fleckeri, outlines and dictates a sound revolving around restrictions and challenges that had previously not been faced by lead composer Andy Meyer. Through a pre-determined set of instruments, the object of the composition was to deal with the limitations of working exclusively with basses as any stringed and amplified sound within a traditional 'death metal' lineup.

Through this, Fleckeri aims to highlight two ways of dealing with ones conscious idea of what they allow to seep through their creative filters from what they absorb and perceive in daily life. With lyrics written and dominantly performed by Matt Wees, the duo not only articulates expansive points within each track, but also, creates two distinct halves of the record, drawing clear yet subconscious parallel connections from each sonic paradigm the respective grouping of tracks revolve around.

By releasing this record at name-your-price from Pale Noise Media, Douaumont aims to create and promote larger pressings of CDs, T-Shirts, and Vinyl releases. Your support is forever appreciated.


released September 20, 2019

Andy Meyer - 5 & 7 String Basses. Composition, Co-Vocals
Matt Wees - Lyrics, Vocals, All Associated Arts
Mixing & Mastering - Andy Meyer



all rights reserved



PALE NOISE MEDIA Minneapolis, Minnesota

PALE NOISE exists as a consolidation of the creative output between composers Matt Wees and Andy Meyer.
Forming their initial phases of collaboration in 2014, PALE NOISE now consists of a growing number of artist titles and catalogue releases

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